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Adobe Bridge CC 2018 - Preview Pane Images are way to small.

Hi you guys.

Just installed Adobe CC 2018 and I have noticed that the "Image Preview- not the thumbnails" is a way smaller image in the "Preview Pane". Is there a way to maximize the Preview Image to that window?

I am attaching 2 different sets of jpegs for you to view….

FIRST set: 1&2 are low res images72ppi I got off the internet.

SECOND set: 3&4 are high res 300ppi images I shot with my Nikon.

In Bridge CS6 BOTH of these High and Low res images viewed the same in the Preview Pane....large to fill the pane. (You can always enlarge and reduce the size of the thumbnails in CS6 and CC 2018.)

Any ideas how I can get the "Preview Image" Larger with both High and Low Res like before?

Thank you for your time!

1 LoRES-BRIDGE CC small preview.jpg

2 LoRes-Photoshop CC file size.jpg

3 HiRes-BRIDGE CC.jpg

4 HiRes Photoshop CC.jpg


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A few options to try:
- reset the workspace using the arrow menu next to workspace names
- Select the file and with right mouse click choose purge cache for selection
- Check the file size and see if it is lower then the max set in Bridge prefs thumbnails 'do not process files larger then …..'
- maybe reset the Bridge preferences holding down option (Mac) while restarting Bridge.
Thank you for your response Eggy..... however all of those suggestions were on Adobe's site and I have tried them all with no success.

Is it just resolution/size specific?

When I up scaled some of the WWII jpegs (that are low res 72ppi) they filled the preview screen. Problem is, I am making much larger files (8" wide X 300ppi). I never use to have to do this in CS 6. Any other ideas? Reesche