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AI vs Artists, Designers, Illustrators, Photographers, and Animators


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Martin Perhiniak is a Certified Adobe Design Master and Instructor. He has been creating Photoshop tutorial videos for many years now. I have learned many techniques from this guy and he has earned my professional respect. I only recently stumbled across this video which I think possesses a fair and balanced perspective on AI and it's effect on the art industry. I think it's worth your time to view the entirety of this video and hopefully you will gain a better understanding of at least one aspect of how AI is impacting the human experience.

I just watched the whole video. Very depressing, until I got to the poison pill section, which discussed how artists can attach software to their images that deliberately tricks AI into misinterpreting the images it steals. That part made me feel better.
Many thanks Sam for this video. I also watched it carefully in its entirety. I don't find AI as such really dangerous, but we humans are the intelligent and very dangerous beings who are able to deceive the AI algorithms with criminal techniques in order to generate quick wealth and fame and thus rob the good established artists of their works and future prospects.

Nevertheless, I like to use AI for helpful idea generation.
I create my artworks mostly as digital compositions with Blender3D, Photoshop and AI small parts for decoration.

Without a doubt, I will keep a close eye on the use of AI in the future.