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Auto script for images in mask

Hi everyone, I have a number of images in which I have a mask. In that mask I would like to load and save various images with an automatic script. They are all different images that I want to project onto a wall of, for example, a bedroom or living room. Of course, all of that can be done manually, but with more than 100 images that's a big job. Is there a simple way to create such a script? For example, I know how to automatically collect, shrink and save images, but to open different images, place them in the mask of another image, scale them and / or distort them and save them again is another story ... Who can help me or has a tip?

As an attachment you see a number of images in which this has been processed by someone else ....

It would help if you could post example of image with mask and example image you want to place inside of it. But I will try to help ;)
This layer with mask is smart object or normal layer?
Every photo you want to place inside of it has the same dimensions?