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Avatar Wars VII - The Village Idiots Free For All

Hi iDad

This must have been wonderful times, though I have never participated in this thread, because of language difficulties.
I wonder where Paul is these days?

Surprised nobody has ignited this series anymore, it was fun and very inspirational in wanting to learn Photoshop techniques .Any old members (participants) around?
It changed a lot here in the forum over the last years. Many of the old members disappeared or moved on to other forums, who knows.
Many new members don't really want to learn Photoshop or improve their skills any more.
They just want to have a PS job done on a low quality 'selfie' for free.
I look into the forum activities every other day, and even participate in contests.

But since I learned to create images with 3D programs and got to a level where nobody in this forum could help me to get better, I moved on to special 3D forum.

Anyway, I wish you well, and I greatly appreciate to hear from you again.

Regards Chris
Change is inevitable, I certainly learned a lot here. I hear ya on nobody wanting to learn Photoshop or improve their skills anymore. everybody wants something for free. All the best to you Chris.


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Change is inevitable...
It certainly is and sometimes not always for the best...
I remember the times when I joined some four years ago, a forum of discussion, banter...and fun.
I learned most of what I know about PS here.
Now that PS is effordable for everybody I expected a lot of questions, but YouTube took over...
We simply have to adapt...
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Hey iDad! No one wants to help anymore or participate in the forum other than to do free edits. I suspect there will be changes made to the free edit forum soon.
Him Sam and Eggy, Long time... Hope you all are well ;)