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Back After a Long Break

Trevor Dennis

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I am not really new as I posted here a few times when I first registered with PSG in 2013, but I have been absent from the site since then. I usually hang out on the Adobe forums where I am an ACP (Adobe Community Professional) and a forum moderator. There are benefits to this as anyone with an orange badge on the Adobe forums gets full CC and Lynda.com subscriptions in return for helping people on the forums.

I have used Photoshop since it became available for Windows — well not really true as I started with V4 and the first Windows version was V2.5 four years previous. I was active on the Photoshop Usenet groups with people like Chris Cox and the crazy Timo Autiokari who stood his ground against all comers in the Gama Wars. From there I spent a few years on the flickr groups before finding the Adobe forums.

My preferred use of Photoshop is for illustration and digital art, and I had the privalage of being invited to MAX in 2016 as a Teaching Assistant where I worked with my hero Bert Monroy of the giant Times Square illustration fame. I made this digital painting of my wife Chris after getting back from MAX, and have since done several more portraits of buddies on the Adobe forums.

So that's me. The Adobe forums have been getting too many posts about technical issues that are more to do with operating system issuess, bad drivers, poor choice of graphics tablet etc. and not enough of the interesting 'how to do this effect' type posts, and you have some great content here, so I might make a few posts here. A few buddies have also expressed an interest, like Michael Hoffman who does the Tip Squirrel tutorials and others who have said they are going to check out PSG.
I certainly remember seeing you on the Adobe Forum. Welcome back to PSG - I think we have a different "Vibe" here, a genuine sense of community (IMHO).




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As a beginner in PS I started to look out for a forum with a mix of artistic and technical information but mostly artistic.
I didn't found that with Adobe's forum...so I ended up here and I'm still here...
I agree with @fredfish's observation there's a sense of community here.