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Backlight effect/ glow on text

Good evening,

I am trying to recreate the logo in the attached image.

I have created a file with the Skia typeface and struggling to match the lighting effect.

I am using Photoshop CC 2019 and using Eye Candy 7.0 effects with no luck.

Can someone help?



Backlight effect.jpg


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I can get a similar effect but it's easier for me to write an action for Photoshop if you wish. I had to make a new gradient to get this effect. You can then adjust the layers to suit.
Blurry Glow.jpg


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Thanks for your patience.

To try out the action:
Create a NEW document before running the action. These are the settings I used.

1. Create a new document 2000 px X 750 px @ 72 PPI and fill with BLACK
2. New TEXT layer: font VERDANA REGULAR 350 pt. WHITE
3. With your TEXT LAYER selected, RUN the action.
4. A Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer has been added so you can use the sliders to get the look you want.

The file you see has Brightness at 90 and Contrast at 60.
If you want to change anything in the action - like the number of Radial Blur repeats or Colours - insert a STOP before the line, re-run the action and make your adjustments when it stops.
I hope this works for you, sorry for taking so long.