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Photo Edit Before & After.

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The first one looks better in terms of filter, I don't know what your purpose of the photo editing was but the final edit looks a bit 'illustrated' so to say, not that natural.

You can try to improve the photo filter, the green filter just doesn't fit in with the ambient and the looks of the photograph. It would look better with a magenta photo filter, without overusing the filter obviously.

You can also try to improve the overall quality of the photograph, it has a lot of noise and that can also be improved with a few touches. Lightroom also does wonders when it comes to picking the right photo filter, you can adjust every single setting of the image (I don't know if you're using Photoshop but Lightroom is the best for photo editing)

If you're looking to see how high the ISO level is in this photograph, zoom in to see and you will see how much noise this photograph actually has. In the first photograph you can literally see how noisy it is.

The second one looks better in terms of quality. First one looks better in terms of filter.

If I had to choose when it came to quality, I would choose the second one. :)
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