Hello all, I am new at Photoshop. I work as IT at a company and support users who use CS6. A user came to me with a question about why her brushes are different from Photoshop 32bit to 64bit. She needs the brushes from 32bit to be in the 64 bit version. I think it may just be options on the brushes. In the 32 bit version, some of the brushes are pointed on either end. They are not like this in the 64 bit version. I have attached screenshots.

Any help will be appreciated

32Bit.png 64Bit.png .
Mine are the same for 32bit and 64bit so maybe she has added or edited some of them. Append the brush sets and add others to see what's going on.

Or, reset the brush presets with the Preset manager.

Other than that, I am not sure else to suggest.
I believe they were there by default. I do not know. The user did not know how to modify brushes. I tried to save the set and import them into 64 bit but it did not work. I think its a setting for the brush. When she uses her wacom, it changes the thickness by pressure.