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Building a Library of Free Images for Everyone

Eric Matyas

Power User
Hi everyone,

I've been building a library of images that you are welcome to use in your projects. They are all original...all my own work. All I ask is to be attributed as indicated on my homepage:


The images are on my "TXR" pages.

I'm adding new ones all the time, so be sure to check back often. I sincerely hope that some of them are useful. Any and all constructive feedback is welcome and always appreciated. :)

All the best,
Hey guys,

More fantasy texture images await you…free as always to use with attribution.


They’re pretty wild….I’d be really interested to see how someone puts these to use!



Some nasty looking stuff here…blech!



These grungy metal textures might be useful for sci-fi or urban-themed projects.


Btw, I’ve begun my quest to expand the free sound effects section of my website. Any requests?
Happy July!

This week we have more new fantasy textures to add to my 4000+ images:

A bunch of new fantasy ground images here:

TXR- Ground

Here's a new charred-looking fantasy brick texture:

TXR- Brick -Seamless

And a new fantasy stone/brick texture:

TXR – Rock/Stone - Seamless

All are free to use with attribution. Attribution information is here:

Have a good week!
Greetings fellow creatives,

If anyone is interested, I was recently asked to do an interview for a website called Exilian. Hopefully my answers were entertaining and (somewhat) intelligent…lol. Here’s a link if anyone wants to check it out:


That said, this week’s cool new textures are on the following pages:

TXR – BRICK - Seamless
Some really interesting brick textures.

TXR – ROCK/STONE – Seamless
Some new stone textures that could be used for old roads, paths, castles, etc. Some have grass between the stones, too.

More music is on its way as well as some cool new city ambient sounds.

Keep being creative!
Hey everyone,

For those of you who have been using my original music in your projects, I’ve had a good number of requests for uncompressed versions of my tracks, so I’ve begun making them available on Gumroad for a small fee to help support the site. The MP3 files that I make freely available sound very good, but the original uncompressed WAV files really sound incredible…give them a try!

If anyone is curious as to why I didn’t upload WAV files onto my site to begin with, the reason is that my web hosting service places limitations on file sizes and WAV files tend to be very large.

Anyhow, it’s going to take some time to upload everything, so if anyone has any requests for WAV versions of tracks you happen to like, just drop me an email and I’ll upload them to Gumroad for you. Feel free to convert to Ogg (or any format you like.)

That said, this week’s new free textures are on the following pages:

TXR – BRICK - Seamless
These might be really nice for castles.

TXR – WOOD – Seamless
Perhaps for old doors, structures, barrels or other things.

More music and ambient sounds coming this week.

Enjoy and keep being creative!
Hi guys,

New free images are waiting for your projects on these pages:

ART – Cobblestones
More mad experimenting. I made some pixel art style images from a couple of my cobblestone images. Maybe for castles and things? They look pretty cool scaled down. Feel free to edit / take samples from them / scale them as needed, etc.

ART – Brick
Some new pixel art-style brick images. Trying to come up with some fresh new looks. Feel free to edit / take samples from them / scale them as needed, etc.


WAV files proved too large to upload onto Gumroad in any reasonable amount of time…(we’re talking about 1900+ tracks) so I’m uploading Ogg files instead. I’ve started with my Fantasy page. They sound really great…give them a try!

Meanwhile, if anyone has requests for WAV versions of tracks you happen to like, feel free to contact me.

Have a good week and keep being creative!
thank you for the images, will check it out

You're very welcome! :)

New images are ready on the following pages:

TXR – Brick – Seamless

TXR – Metal – Seamless

TXR – Rock/Stone - Seamless

For those of you using my free music tracks, don’t forget about my super high quality Ogg versions…the sound quality is really amazing…almost as good as WAV files and at a fraction of the size.

Be safe and have a good week.
I hope everyone is safe and healthy. If you have kids (or know someone who does) here's a brand new free resource that I hope is helpful. It's a website for my video learning series, “Dune’s Island.” Within it you can freely access all the episodes, support documentaries and tie-in curriculum (like vocabulary, math problems, writing prompts and more.)

In the coming weeks I’ll be expanding the site with all kinds of cool activities and more documentaries so please be sure to bookmark it. In the meantime, any and all feedback is welcome and very much appreciated. Enjoy and stay safe.


P.S. Please feel free to share it on social media. Thanks!
I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy…(and not going too crazy from being stuck inside.)

Anyhow, brand new free texture images ready on these pages:

TXR – Abstract

TXR – Rock/Stone – Seamless

More media creators have been asking about my higher quality Ogg music tracks. Please know that I’m in the process of creating them and uploading them to Gumroad, but it’s taking time since there are over 2000 tracks on my site. If you want an Ogg version of a track that isn’t available yet, just email me and I’ll be happy to create it for you and put it on Gumroad.

Be well.
Hi everyone,

Brand new seamless texture images are ready on these pages:





For those of you who are using my music tracks, I had a request last weekend for a bunch of higher quality Ogg versions of my tracks that I hadn’t yet converted, so they are now available if anyone is interested. They are:

Funky Gameplay
Windle Pixel Saves the Day (Looping)
Puzzling Curiosities
Points Tally
Pixelin’ It Around Town
Mysterious Puzzle
Cyber Puzzles
Cryptic Puzzler 2
Arcade Puzzler_v001

They sound great and are a cool way to support my work. :)
Hi Folks,

If you can, please consider making a small donation on my site to support my work. The camera I use to create free images for everyone is very expensive...I've been paying it off for some time...and donations from the creative community really help me a lot.

That said, brand new free texture images are available on these pages:



Enjoy and stay safe. :)
Hi everyone,

Here are a bunch of cool new images…free to use with attribution. You’ll find them on these pages:

TXR – Brick - Seamless


TXR – Ground – Seamless


If you’ve been using my assets in your projects…especially my music…please consider making a small contribution to support my website. Donations can be made through the PayPal button on my site. Any amount is very helpful and much appreciated.

Keep being creative…and please stay safe.