Can Photoshop Snap To An Invisible Grid Like Fireworks Does?

I'm currently using Photoshop CS6. Currently I have my Grid set up for every 10 pixels and 1 subdivision for each. I know how to use the "Control + ' " shortcut to toggle the Grid on and off. When I have the Grid turned on, items will snap to it. However, when I have the Grid off, items won't.

This was one thing I really liked about Fireworks, was that it would continue to snap to a Grid even if it wasn't visible. Does anyone know of a way to accomplish this in Photoshop? I tried searching the forums, as well as elsewhere, but so far no luck.


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Yea Ohio Guy, In CS6 things will snap to the guide. The blue/green line is the guide. The rulers have to be on to pull the guide out of the ruler. Make sure snap and snap to is selected from the View panel.

ctrl+; will turn the guides on and off. hope this helps.