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Can You Tween a GIF Animation?


New Member

I can tween a static image to move it anywhere on a larger image, but I am unsure how to tween an animated image in the same way. I'm using Photoshop 1.0 on a 128k Mac (kidding!)...Photoshop 2020 on Windows.

Here is what I am doing and what I have tried:

How I Tween a Static Image:

1. Create a new transparent document 1920 x 200 x 72dpi
2. Paste my image of a red balloon (192x183)
3. Move red balloon to left side
4. Create Frame Animation
5. Add Frame so there are now two frames
6. Select Frame 2 and move the red balloon to right side
7. Select both Frame 1 and 2
8. Click tween button
9. Enter 10 Frames to Add, select only Position, and click Ok
10. Done, works great!

When I Tween a Two Frame layer/animation:

1. Load a two frame gif of a red balloon (192x183)
2. From Timeline Hamburger Menu Select All Frames and then Copy Frames
3. Create a new transparent document 1920 x 200 x 72dpi
4. Create Frame Animation so there is one blank frame and layer
5. From Timeline Hamburger Menu click paste frames
6. Click Replace Frames, Link Added Layers, and then Ok
7. I now have a red balloon on the left side with two frames and two layers that are linked
8. I delete the original Layer 1 that is empty
9. This is where I'm having trouble:

-If I duplicate Frames 1 & 2, move the balloon to the right in Frames 3 & 4, and then tween all frames I can't enter the number of frames.

Any suggestions?

Hello and welcome to PSG!

Yes, you can tween an animated GIF. It's basically where tweening began!

Why tween at all when you can do it way easier using the video timeline?

This took me about 3 minutes to make! No tweening needed!