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Challenge#67: Blending

Hi, I've been a little busy lately and totally forgot to think of a challenge, so I had to fast think one today, sorry about that.

The challenge is to blend the guy on the bench in the other picture. I intentionally pick no good match pictures, so it's essential to play with light and shadows, I also choose a bench with different options, with sunlight, shadow or in the middle (hardest one XD)

Vitoria_-_Banco_Parque_Florida_01.jpg W875804969000.jpg



composite boi on benchhh.png

Vitoria_-_Banco_Parque_Florida_01 chrisdesign+.jpg

PSG Challenge #67.jpg

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Wow! That was hard. But also really fun!
I don't know what the standard/conventional method is for making shadows, so I tried several different things I've figured out over time. Some of the shadows are exposure adjustment layers, some of them are brightness/contrast adjustment layers, some of them are highlight/shadow adjustment layers, and a couple are just copy-pasted sections of ground that already had a shadow on it. I also adjusted the white balance of the man a bit, but that bit was far easier. I tried to modify the background as little as possible (besides shadows of course) and make changes only to the guy, so a difference key can be easily run if I ever feel like looking back on this.
I don't know if I exported because I thought it was actually a good finished composite or because I just gave up at that point, but I think it turned out decently. My dad couldn't tell what I'd done with PS, so I guess it's realistic enough for the untrained eye :p
This is actually one of my favorite challenges I've participated in! Good on you, @Argos!
composite boi on benchhh.png
I wonder how this would look with a depth-of-field blur behind him. Maybe another challenger can experiment with that. (Challenger? Contestant? Competitor? What do you call them?)
Nice Job MentosCubing! Glad you enjoy the challenge! I love trying to figure it out light and shadow in every composite I do. It's always almost impossible to do it perfectly (at least for me) it's always something I see or know it's not quite right but can figure it out. My personal kryptonite is recreating hard light shadowing hahaha.



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Haha, nice composite! I wish I'd thought of that before trying to make all those shadows on the ground.
I saw that drink can and though "oh, that had better not be Sprite Cranberry." But it's Coke Zero, so I can leave you in peace. :D
Good one Eggy! I did a try (got obsessed XD) yesterday with my own challenge and it was harder than I expected when I selected the images, I went similar to yours and trying to recreate the shadowing was crazy... that white shirt was a nightmare (I did not get it) XD.

I'm not going to post it, but I just going to say that the psd is+6GB and more than 500 layers of caos and I'm still not happy:laugh:.

Let see if more people do it to see more ideas or techniques to do it.


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Yep, that white shirt isn't a gift...
Hard to get shadows in it facing full sun.
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Since we can't edit our posts after x time, i put here my Fixed image, (there was a piece of background remaining on the other photo).

challenge fixed.jpg