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Paid Change color to photo from purple tones to greenish tones.

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I need to change this photo with this only requirement and above all that it looks natural with good quality.
Work to do: Change the photo where anything that is purple will change to greenish.
Payment for this work will be $10 via Paypal.



  • Photo-2000px.zip
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There are some difficult subtleties in the image...took a try at it...

green sunset.png
Here is my attempt. Please take a look. If any modifications are needed, please inform me. The final deliveries will be 2000 pixels images without any watermarks. Thank you.

Photo-2000px sample.png
A version where I opted to keep a good part pink.
Photo-2000px 2.jpg
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Good afternoon, sorry for the delay in responding since due to health and hospitalization reasons I have not responded to anyone.
Well, all of them have done an acceptable job but there is one that I liked the most, which is Babine's. I will contact him now. THANK YOU
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