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changes made to files are not always holding


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Hi Everyone,

I am having an intermittent and ongoing issue that is hard to describe. For at least couple years now I am having changes in editing disappear. I shoot in RAW on a Sony A7lll, process in camera raw through Bridge, output to jpeg. On my end the jpeg looks like the processed raw. The issue happens irregularly, files that I send off via Dropbox or email, will open on the receivers end looking like the original unprocessed raw. ie all the editing changes I did to the original raw file are gone when they open the jpeg. This has gotten me into a lot of trouble and makes me look like a lame ass photographer :-(

When I send the jpeg made from the processed raw file off, it looks great. I may have changed color and tonality, removed blemishes, cropped etc. On their end all of that is gone, even though on my end the jpeg looks finished.

Thanks for any insights on what might be happening.


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Since using photoshop I have never seen such a thing happen

you can dropbox a file so I see what's wrong


Hi @twp
If at some point your created a JPEG file in the workflow and then reediting that JPEG file via ACR while in Bridge, then all ACR settings at that point are not applied to the pixels to the JPEG file directly and saved as metadata (which can be in a local Bridge Database, in an XMP file, or in the metadata of the JPEG file itself (I believe). So when you read the JPEG file, the ACR metadata is being applied to the JPEG image yet your client probably is just using a regular viewer/browser where the metadata is not being applied. So the JPEG actually needs to be resaved to applied the changes to the pixels in the image. I am not the expert in Bridge yet this is my understanding of how if works.
Here is a quote out of a link (also supplied) saying the same thing
With JPGs things can be a bit wanky: if you do things in a JPG file via ACR and then email that to someone who does not have ACR, when they open it, they will only see the image BEFORE correction.

If you make corrections in a JPG image and plan on sending that to someone, be sure to RE-SAVE it before you send it or your corrections will not be seen by the recipient.

As long as you are using ACR, I hope you are also taking raw images from your camera and getting the full benefits out of your images.

Glad to help
And here is the link to the article: https://community.adobe.com/t5/bridge/adobe-bridge-acr-for-editing-jpg/m-p/10767741

So the "intermittent" issue that you have is that you on an intermittent basis are editing a JPEG file in ACR and the changes are not applied to the pixels
Hope this is helpful
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I don't use Bridge so excuse my lack of knowledge - can't you save your edited file into Photoshop, save as psd, then save as jpg? That would be a way of preserving quality/consistency.in the edited file if you want to make further changes..?