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Hi all, I came across this image and really like it, but decided to see what changes I could make to it
for practice/learning.


How would you or what would be the best way to change the head hair, beard and clothes colour?

I have made some changes and attached my .psd file.


Hi Shaun, you have found a very challenging image to work on, which seems flat. I was unable to properly separate hair. There also seems to be a lot of Head Hair / Beard hair overlap as well as the colour of hair and background is uncontrasting. To add, the clothes and hair seem to have no contrast as well.
Thanks for posting this question.
For colouring i dont think there is a best way, i like selective color because you can play more with it, but i think you can get the colour you want in multiple ways.

The problem with the bear and hair is there is two colors, you canadd some color but its better to left the countorun +- as it is. Or it woul be an insane amount of job.

Example of what i try to say with a little extra for fun using your psd.



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Thank you all for the replies and help. I nearlly gave up on this, but decided to stick with it.
Regarding using the H/S, I totally forgot all about using that. Changing the H/S along with
Blend mode > Opacity > Fill I finally decided on this for the colour.

After spending an hour or so @04.30am this morning colouring a grown mans hair,
this is what I managed to do...by no means perfect but I'm fairley pleased with the outcome
and will do more work to further enhance/practice and learn more Ps skills with
this image.


My problem is that I tend to rush things, rather than taking my time and when I get stuck or don't know how an action etc is preformed
I'll try and work it out for myself instead of asking. If I'd not asked about this, then I would still be sat here scratching my own hair.

Thanks again for your help.

Nice work but if you want a full coloured beard in my opinion you then have to adjust the light, and try to make darker the white hair.

2 minut example of what i said.



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I've took into account what has been said, took my time doing the edit came up with this.