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Creating a Magnifying Glass, from scratch.


This tute was created by PSG member p?tr??k; as a request from a new member. Thanks p?tr??k. Your time and efforts are very appreciated. :}

Note: i believe the aim of this tute was to create an icon image.
Should you have problems/questions concerning this tutorial, please address them in the "GEneral Photoshop" board. Thanks.
  • 1. Make new document about 800 x 800 px.
    2. Select your circular marquee tool, and hold shift to draw a perfect circle.
    3. Make a new layer and stroke your selection 10 px.
    4. Now, to give it perspective, press ctrl+t to transform. Right click and select perspective, then pull the edges inward, then scale it inward. (see example #1 below)
    5. Press ctrl+j to copy your layer then transform it. In the highth box type (H=100.2%) and nudge it once to the right. Repeat this step, pressing ctrl+j, ctrl+shift+t about 35 times. (see example #2)
    6. Merge layers copy 34 through 1, leaving your top layer seperate.
    7. Name that layer "3d rim", and apply a metallic gradient.
    8. Name your top layer "rim_face" and apply the same metallic gradient, but while in layer styles palette use your mouse to drag the gradient down a bit. (see example #3)
    9. Now, before we make the handle, grab a snack. Particularly something sweet and loaded with calories, like...chocolate, yeah chocolate. Chocolate and icons are made for each other.
    10. Ok, now that your're refreshed and ready to concentrate, lets do the handle. Take your rectangulare marquee tool, draw a rectangle, and press alt+del to fill it on a new layer.
    11. To make it look 3d, take your circular marquee tool and draw an oval at the end of the handle and fill it.
    12. Now for the top of the handle, make a new layer, use you circular marquee tool and draw the round top of the handle, and fill it.
    13. Name your layers "handle" and "handle_top".
    14. Now for the galssy effect, apply a gradient to your handle, with a light colour at the bottom and a darker colour at the top. Instead of red I used a white to grey gradient, but you can use whatever colour you want.
    15. For the shiny part, ctrl click on your handle layer box to select it. Then using your marquee tool, hold alt and drag through the middle of the selection to subtract it.
    16. Make a new layer and fill it. Set fill to 0% and apply a white to transparent gradient with scale set to 150%.
    17. Apply these same steps to the top part of the handle.
    18. To make the stick part connected to the magnifier select your handle layer and fill on a new layer.
    19. Apply another metallic gradient to the stick, and place at end of handle.(see example #4)
    20. link all the handle layers and perspective transform it and rotate it down.
    21. Now we make the glass part to the magnifier. Make a circular selection in between the 3d rim and the top rim and fill it on a new layer.
    22. Set the fill to 0% and apply a inner shadow to it. (distance=35px, size=75px, opacity=35%)
    23. Now lets make another shiny part to the glass, just like the handle. Select the glass layer, contract the selection by 8 px and use your circular marquee to subtract the selection.
    24. Fill on a new layer and copy your handle glass layer style to it.(see example #5)
    25. To make the reflection in the ground, turn the visibility of your backround layer off, make a new layer and press ctrl+alt+shift+e.
    26. Press ctrl+t and select "flip vertically" and place beneath the magnifing glass.
    27. Add a layer mask to the reflection and using your gradient tool drag a black to white gradient on your layer mask from top to bottom. Set opactity to 50% (see example #6).
    28. Finally for the shadow, select your handle and rim layers and fill onto a new layer. Set opacity to 70%.
    29. Place below all layers and apply a guassian blur at 65%
    30. Transform it and squish it down to give it perspective. Then apply a black to white gradient to it at w/ opacity at 75%.
    31. Select the rim layer and "via layer cut" from the shadow. Then scale transform it up to make it look like the glass magnifies whats behind it.(see example #7) [/list:u]
    Ha, your done!

    Hope you like it!

    PS: if you'd like to read the original thread this came from, look here.