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creating realistic electricity and lightning


G'Day everyone,

What a great website!

I was just reading the "Dome" tutorial and just wondering. I want to create a completely clear crystal ball - however I want to add some static electricy inside the crystall ball (like those seen in novelty shops) as well as some lightning effects in the background....

How do I create the static electricity inside the ball and them lightning outside it, in the background?

G'Day Gauss,

Thank you, just browsed through the threads, I gotta say what a friendly bunch of folks we have here. It makes it easier for newbies like me to ask questions.

That's a nice start to the lightning I wanted to create.

I'll see what I can come up with....Hey how do I post my work on this site so all you guys can check 'mark' it?

Dave, there is an option if you reply that says Attach file.
Click on the Browse button and select the file that you want to attach. It's advisable to keep the size if possible under 50kb and the width under 550 pixels. Smaller is always better of course ;)
Welcome Aboard Dave! ;)

Oh... and be sure to post your "electrifying" sphere when you're done. It sounds most interesting. 8[
In case anyone cares to know...

The effect/object dave is speaking of is called a "plasma ball". :)
You can find them at science fairs mainly.
Here are some examples i found around the Web.

Use these as source images in Photoshop, to better see/understand what this effect entails. And really use your imaginations when trying to reproduce the effect. :)

Welcome newbie, (finally someone I can call newbie)
You're absolutely correct!! This is a friendly forum, quick and with plenty of answers. (and they're actually pretty good)
I've been a menber for a whole week now and have gotten numerous responses, even from people just to say welcome.
So, good-posting and enjoy. :perfect:

Hi folks,

Thanx very much for the warm welcome. Sorry I've been very busy with school assignments (I am a first year uni student) so I haven't made any inroads into my 'project' yet.

Yes, I want to make the Plasma ball, but unlike the picture mark posted, I want the electricity to be much wilder and more dynamic, kinda giving the electricity tentacles 'spines' if you know what I mean.....
That pics you posted is realy cool mark, that will be the perfect guide for me.

I gotta go and finish some homework first:(


This is my first Photoshop project, I must be nuts to think I can what I want to create. But well I'll try, for entertainment's sake....

BTW, Does anyone here think Photoshop is realy fun? Or Do you guys do it because it's your job?

The other night I was playing with it, one thing led to another and suddenly it was 2.30am in the morning:)
hahahaa aaa the fun never ends dave. [excited]
Photoshop can turn anyone into the Energizer Bunny. :rofl:

PS: i still have fun playing with PS. [slick]
Yes, Photoshop is fun for everybody would wants to be creative :perfect:
....as long as they spend a few weeks to learn the basics ;)