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3D Creativity Booster

No Inspiration, no motivation to learn, no ideas for you next design job?

The Creativity Booster is the device that'll solve many of your daily problems in no time.
No stress, no burnout anymore. Always relaxed and motivated you'll gradually turn into a happy and succesful person.

Inspiration Multiplier 1.jpg
Very nice one Chris!

Can I order one?

There's one little thing bugging me.
The cracked material doesn't seem to have 'volume'.
I'm working with (I'll keep it simple) a diffuse map (the material), a bump map of that same material (made in PS) and a reflection map made from the diffuse map (also made in PS).
In the composition window you can add and connect the necessairy nodes to adjust the hight and reflection creating a more lifelike object.

Here's how my composition windows looks like with the used nodes

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Thank you Lambert for your comment and screenshot.
With some material I go exactly the same way as you show in the screenshot.
But this gold marble material is a smooth surface without cracks. They are just lines in the marble material.

About ordering such a device, you'll have to wait. For now it's still in the prototype stage. hahaha.
About ordering such a device, you'll have to wait. For now it's still in the prototype stage. hahaha.

Ah, just when I needed something like that...
Will it come with a USB connection, because actually, I'm a machine...:cheesygrin:
No it's far more advanced.
It is powered by bio-organic energy.
You can't connect the machine to any known computer. The Creativity Booster connects itself to your brain.
You have to 'give' it strong mental image of what you would like to achieve. He then receives your 'thought' as a 3D Hologram.
This 3D Hologram image the machine willl synchronize via 'brainwaves' to your own brainwaves, and these adjustments will alter your original 'thought' in your own brain for good.
Any questions? Scary, isn't it?
Well, thanks very much Pipsmom for your feedback.
Honestly...don't we all need such a wizard machine now and then? Pity, it's not available soon!