CS6 not reading folder

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OK, so I am a long way behind the curve! For years I have been using CS3 on XP with no problems.

I have finally, up-graded to try CS6 (also on XP.) On the surface all seems to be fine but the learning curve is steep!

I have three HDD in the computer with many folders. For some strange reason, CS6/Bridge will not open one folder that does contain images. It does open all the other folders. I receive a Not Responding message and have to Cnt-Alt-Del to close. Restarting CS6/Bridge and I get the same lock-up.

Is there a way around this?

Many thanks and toodle pip

Yes. I made a bit of an error in my initial question. Bridge fires up OK and lists all the partitions, similar to how XP Explorer does. That is how I like it. I have three HDD with various partitions; all are listed.

They all show up in XP Explorer and with my old CS3. If I select a partition in CS3/Bridge, all the files are listed and any images displayed a thumbnails. All fine.

But with CS6, both partition D (My Docs on the Disk 0, which of course, has the OS) and partition L (on the second hdd) lock Bridge. I get a flashing hour-glass and knowing happens. have to Cnt-Alt-Del to close Bridge. All other partitions ( OS back-up / doc backup files / my main image partitions / a desktop caddy with plug-in image back-up) all work fine. Just these two, and L does have some image files that I want to work on.
I am no further forward with my issue, so decided to uninstall and reinstall, to see if that forced CS6/ Bridge to read all the partitions.

Unless I am mistaken, CS6 does not have an Uninstall.exe file? So using Properties, Find Target, I ran Revo Unistaller on CS6. The result was that it uninstalled CS3 as well!

I have just finished running an image back-up so am now back to the way things were before installing CS6; i.e CS6 is not installed.

But before I try again, if I have both CS3 and CS6 installed, but cannot get CS6 to see all my partitions, let alone open the files that are in those partitions, how do I uninstall it without removing CS3 at the same time?
I tend to believe that software like PS (any version) are able to show any partition or folder that the native OS allows and thus it may not have been an issue with CS. If that explanation is true, uninstalling and reinstalling CS6 may not help.

Please keep us informed about your progress on the matter. I am curious.
Agreed. But I can see and open all folders when using Cs3 / Bridge.

One of the Google difficulties I am encountering, is CS3 (and 6) are old enough that all Google searchs bring up CC stuff. For example, when I initially installed CS6, I let it go to the default Adobe folder. That was fine until I uninstall it, and Revo Uninstaller ( which presumably uses the Photoshop uninstaller) removed everything in the Adobe folder. But searching for an answer to "Is it possible to install CS6 into a custom folder," and I am unable to fine an answer.


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Never seen that kind of problem before...
It might be a long shot but make sure that the combined directory and file name is max 255 characters long (Win XP)
Reasonable point and where would I look for that?

However, I have three HDD installed plus a desktop caddy. In total, the installed HDD have 15 partitions and that includes three drive letters that for the free USB ports. the desktop caddy is only generally used when I do back-ups. Partition D is for My Docs and L is a secondary photo working directory. CS6 is listing D and L but not opening them. If I fire up the caddy with a HDD inserted, CS6 sees and will open any folder file.

So I'm not completed sure that it can be a 255 max character issue because L is certainly not the last partition letter. And as said above, CS3 has never had a problem!


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As I said, it's a long shot, but the combined directory + folder and file name in Windows XP should never exceed 255 characters...
F:/disk name/folder name/file name (=30 characters)
The whole root is included.

Although it reads in CS3 on Windows XP so not sure...
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Thanks; interesting. Didn't know that but I also don't think I have any paths that would exceed 255.

At the moment, I don't have CS6 installed but am going to try again. Can only reiterate that the same issue does not occur with CS3 so I can only image that the path names are OK.