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Donate your images for PSG stock usage


Hi there folks,

I have started this thread because I was looking to start doing more tutorials. (For here not my other sites I should add.)

Problem being it is easier to follow a tutorial if your using the same image as the tutorial but that is easier said than done, it is unethical to redistribute images you find online and possibly against copyright yes there are times where you can find images on deviant art and you can post a link to them for people to copy, But then that person who owns the image may not like you taking their image and editing it etc.

The other alternative is to find free stock images or buy them which of course you cant re distribute and not everyone wants to purchase images just to follow a tutorial.

Good photoshop starts off with Good high quality images they are not so easy to find for free.

So here I was thinking if you have good images you would like to donate for learning and tutorial usage then upload them here either do a watermarked preview to post in thread and upload them in a zip file or rar which you can password protect so people have to message you for the password (this stops people just browsing and taking the images and using them elsewhere at least if they message you then you can sort of keep control of it) But please include in your rar/zip file a text document or pdf stating your terms of usage for the images


Images provided by: name or online identity
Website: your website
Contact details: best way to contact you I suggest email
Buy out price: Price that people can buy your images to use them for whatever they want beyond following tutorial.

All images belong to [name] and may not be redistributed these are intended for learning and training only, if these images are used in any commercial way then you are breaking the terms of the image(s) License, If you would like to use these image(s) for commercial use then please contact me at the above address to discuss payment to purchase my images.

Images may be used for
Commercial usage: NO
Following Tutorials: YES
Editing and submitting as your own artwork: YES as long as credit is given back to me as named above and link provided to my site
Redistributing: NO
Used for promotion of your website: NO

Etc you get the idea.

If you supply any images then please make sure you own the rights to do so and have not used any other persons work without their knowledge and permission.

Also if you know of a site that hosts good high quality images that are free and have flexible usage terms then you may post a link here to.

Images provided here dont have to be just photos you may provide resources as well such as custom brushes, light effect images, swatches, actions, patterns, layer styles, Gradients etc you get the idea.

Peaches Of The Night

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Excuse me but I have a question, I have some photos ;) or at least one that i would be honored to give you for the tutorials if it is usable for you, usable meaning the quality, it may not be what you would like. Do I post a link in here to it? I also know that all the rights to it are mine cause I took the picture :thumbsup:


Of course if you want it the usage rights are all yours.
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