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drawing shapes with curvature tool


New Member
I drew these shapes with the curvature tool and wanted to redo and have been trying now for 6 hours to replicate.:( Where could i find a step by step tutorial. I have been all over you tube. They are part of a big art work I am busy doing. THe paths, shapes etc are just not working in my favor

Organic shapes.jpg
Hello and welcome.

Not exactly sure what you are asking about specifically, but here are many tutorials on the Curvature Pen Tool.

For me personally........I still prefer the Pen Tool since it's what I learned to use and I know it well.
You may have already found your answer yet a lot of tutorials cover the basic of shapes or paths yet not as much on combining different subpaths together.

The interface on shapes has changed over time so a particular tutorial may or may not match your version (would be good if you specified what you are suing)

The image below with the numbers point out the most important parts to get your type of image (there are many ways yet giving the basics)

I am using Photoshop 19 yet most recent versions will have all of the components

With #1 make sure the curvature Pen is selected (your desired tool)

with #2 make sure you have selected shape

with #3 make are you have selected your desired fill

with #4 make sure the stroke is set to "none" or "null"

then the most important part that is a big gotcha for most

When starting on a new object and the outside edge of that object, make sure #5 is either set to New Layer or Combine Shapes. Draw the entire outside boundary until it is closed. The entire interior should now have your desired pattern

Now set #5 to Exclude Overlapping Shapes and draw the interior boundary. The pattern will be subtracted out as you draw and you are done when you come the shape.

I think that does it yet if you have issues just ask with more specific questions.

Hope this helps
John Wheeler