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Post Processing Editing a photo sphere?


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I am working on a few 360 photo spheres that I took (using a nodal ninja style tripod). The problem is, the sphere image is of course insanely distorted when viewed on a flat surface like in photoshop. So it makes cloning edges that don't line up perfectly almost impossible, and the area at the very top and bottom of the image is stretched 1000x, so editing this area seems impossible.

Does anyone have any idea how I can make these kind of edits to a 360 image?

I attached one example image, as you can see it's difficult to impossible to clone around distorted curved lines (that should be straight), and while I didn't have it in this image I usually mark where I put the tripod with a 1cm piece of tape which I would need to remove but it would be stretched across the entire bottom of the image.

Any advice?