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Essential 'extras' ?



I stumbled accross this place in my search for all things 'newbie', it seems a friendly, informative place so I think I'll hang around a while.

Being (totally) new to pshop I was wondering what are the essential extras that you all use, things like Styles(I don't actually know how to use them but I'm sure they're usefull), filters, plug-ins etc.

I'm currently working through the beginners section of this web site and I'm eager to learn more, so expect some (stupid?) questions in the future.

N00b mistake #1
I was playing around with keyboard shortcuts when I accidently held down alt and clicked on my colour swatches, which deleted them, is there anyway to get them back?


Retired Administrator
PS is a standard for image creating and editing. It is used to prepare images for use in other apps as well as postwork on creations from others like Poser, Corel, 3dmax, etc

Third party filters or plugins are available as freeware or purchased. Visit the FIlters Area for links and a few plugins to give it a try. I use Metacreation's Kai Power Tools, Alien Skin's Eye Candy and a few more inumerable.:rofl: to list here

A word on plugins..... Third party filters make life easy in PS sense in a few clicks. But I feel, as well as others in the forum, that one must learn to use PS on its own - CREATIVITY THROUGH 100% PHOTOSHOP. Since PS ships with its set of useful filters, you have more than enough to learn and use. Third party filters come in handy in enhancing a PS effect or for more advanced effects. But hey, if you haven't learned to use all the PS tools in tandem, you haven't tapped the full capabilities of this great apps. Even the masters in the forum learn new things day by day.

Enjoy your stay..... and be prepared to be assimilated by a bunch of nutty aliens.

8[ [:I B7 [confused]

P.s. The day you stop asking "stupid" questions is the day you give up on the world around you.



Welcome LiquidSun as you learn PS you will actually use your filters/styles etc less and less........... In the begining when I first started it was wonderful and easy to click the plugins and let them do it for me he he he now I hardly use them :D
As time goes on you will find and install the plugins that you want but for now you are doing the right thing by doing tutes and learning :perfect:


Welcome aboard LiquidSun,

My advise is do the tutes and then do the tutes again and while your at it don't be afaid to ask question and post your work here in the forums so we can all give a hand :perfect: :D