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Fear The Unknown


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All Humanity fears the unknown. Do aliens exist? Are ghost real? and many other questions that we have no conclusive proof that these things exist, is what humanity is afraid of. I'm not afriad of the previously mentioned what really scares me is Snuggles the bear , is he an alien . ghost , the antichrist? those are the questions that strike fear in my poor fragile heart..


Just kidding , not about Snuggles though. I've been watching horror/sci-fi movies + x-files almost all week
Your right Doc, Snuggles is scary!...gives me nightmares! [confused] Little evil bear in a cute fuzzy outfit.
Anyways, I thing your little peice of art there is great! Awsome job. :}
Nice colour and emotion. :perfect:


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heh heh , i thought I was the only one you hated Snuggles , when his commercial comes on I immediately turn it gives me the creeps , a bear being that nice . Thanks for the comments on the graphic. I should have spent more time on the screaming face , I was trying to get it to look as if it was a spirit being released from the evil woman lol
[confused] Ahhhh poor wittle Snuggles.....but gees, guys, he's only made of polyester fill and other "man-made materials"! How could he be evil?! 8[ :rofl: Frankensnuggles! :rofl:

btw Cool image! :perfect: Has that X-Files atmosphere (I'm an X-Files addict).
8[ 8[ Seen 'em all have ya -- I've got it worse than that, though, ;) I've got cds of several season's worth (can never get enough of the early seasons up to about year 5) and I've got loads of "collector's" junk to go along with it all, first comics editions, posters, figures, mugs, mirrors, etc. ad nauseum. :\

Patrick -- Possessed Polyester!!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Stuffing will never be the same.....
never been a fan of Trek. I'll watch an episode here or there , I'm also addicted to the old show by the creator of X-files , its called "Millennium" love that show
:D I really loved Millenium too -- was sad when it got cancelled. :(| It just kept getting better and more interesting, lots of mysterious stuff going on. I miss it. Presently I watch stuff on the Scifi channel, which pretty much is SG-1, SG Atlantis, and the new Battlestar Galactica, which is better than I thought it would be. I used to watch B5 -- loved that show and the movies from it and another short-lived series spawned from it about the Rangers with just about 13 episodes = the name of it escapes me at the moment...I think it was "Crusade." ?? [confused] But I still miss Carter's series...they had a unique mix and feel.