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Work in Progress Feedback appreciated.


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I think it’s mostly done, but there’s some bits I’m not happy with, and would appreciate seeing what you guys make of it.

Thanks in advance :)



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Hey Lacy..............for me personally I'm not liking the rain effect. The boy subject doesn't appear to be wet and he's standing in a torrential downpour. It's really hard to utilize this effect on dry subjects and make it look convincing. I would like to see a version without the rain.

These guys are in the rain. They look wet.
boy rain.png


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Took the rain out.
It was a cool idea but I completely see what you mean about the “wet” look.

Unsure about the “white contour”, what exactly it was you had in mind Argos, so added a lighter outline.



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It’s made the text go all grey... :confused:

I’ll have to have a better look at it later and see if I can fix that.

Does the rest of the picture look okay?



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Argos kindly suggested I post the image without the text in case someone else is able to offer some help with it, so here it is, along with what should be the text as png, in case that helps.

Any ideas/hints/suggestions on how to sort out the text/improve the overall image welcomed.

Ideally I want the text to kind of blend in with picture, but still be noticeable... you know, nothing complicated... lol 😂





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Oh but look at that though...

Huh... I actually really like the Tiger, that looks awesome... strangely now is the less obvious bottom line I’m not so keen on.

I also like what you did, Argos, with the lighting. I was thinking it was maybe too dark now the rain layers were removed, and was going to just adjust the brightness of the whole thing, but I think the way you’ve lightened just the centre draws the eye better.

Would you mind if I have a go at building something using your ideas?


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Okay, so I had a go at it this afternoon.

I stole (ish) the fantastic idea from Argos, and put a swipe in under the wording.
I was originally going to put a yellow edge around “face the tiger”, until I looked again at the piece made by Argos and realised I could try a (n abstract?) attempt at the S. Korean flag. (Since Kuk Sool strand of the martial arts originates from there).

I think I’m pretty happy with it now, but if anyone has any critique to offer it’d be welcomed :)