First logo

I agree with Vetoed. I would make the text, both lines, larger so that you can see it when you look at the avatar. And take into account the average size of a monitor. You could leave it black if you gave it a stroke or a drop shadow with a light color as shadow and these would make it stand out. As it is now, I can't even make out the words in the large version.

Otherwise, I think it is very cool. I like the hand and the rain, the colors, the warrior. OK, I like it.

One thing we do like to do here when we can is attribute the work; give credit to the artist for photo and drawings when we use them in a manipulation. If you buy stock, no need there. If you use work from a site like deviant art, just read the artists' rules. We often forget, but try to catch ourselves and correct it. Anyway, just a hint re: "good form." Thanks.

For 2 days of working, I'd say you have a good sense of design and will probably take to PS like the proverbial fish to water. Keep posting so we can take it all back and slam your next project! Just kidding. Keep up the good work.
I agree with that, I used a tutorial for the text and then combined it on a background randomly created by myself. The result didn't turn out very readable indeed :)

Anyways I just checked on my photoshop doc and figured I combined all my layers "by accident" as I was rather pleased with the result. That's one mistake I'll never make again :p

I will make a second logo with the same image/different color combination tomorrow. Is it ok if I make a new thread for it or should I post it as a reply to this thread?

Ibclare: Of course you are right; credits for the images: The warrior = Archangel Tyrael from Diablo III (Artwork), The hand & pencil was sent to me by a friend, not sure what the origin is.

Thanks a lot guy :)
URP; we all made that mistake once or twice, flattening an image. Same with layers, so bear that in mind and find out the ways to merge but keep layers. Well, recreating can prove to yourself that what you did was not just luck. Although that's often the way it works. Discovery. Serendipity.

As for making a new thread or posting here ... that's really up to you. Either way is OK.

As for the credits, well, we do our best and sometimes when we don't, someone will chime in and say I know that image. Happened to me once and turns out it was copyrighted, though it hadn't been a year earlier- I swear . . . :redface:
Can't really put together if there is any logo for the text "Funkstar". Suggested you should try to design a it on a more simple background to make it visible. With a stand-alone logo would be a good idea as well.