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Font Request: "Smallville" Billing Block


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Hey, all.
I'm looking for the actual font used for the billing block on the back of the "Smallville" DVD releases. I'd like to recreate them in a higher resolution if I can. The closest commercial match that I've come across is called Zokak Arabic Extra Light, but $40 is beyond my price range. I found a free alternative called GoBold, but some of the characters don't match and overall I'm not very happy with it. If anyone has the official font and could send it my way, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

Smallville DVD Billing Block - Full Size.jpg
Hi @Moviefan2k4
I don't think I can help you directly as I use Adobe Fonts through the Creative Cloud subscription, and as I recall, you are on a version of Photoshop that is not a subscription.

If you do move to a subscription, an Adobe Font that is very close is Dharma Gothic C Light

I just selected that text in the graphic and used the option to Match the Font, and that font seemed pretty close (not exact)

Here is the image with the Adobe font on the bottom and a cut-and-paste from your image on the top.

John Wheeler