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Free images to work on, especially models?

Hi all,

This is my first post on the forum (apart from an introduction in the intro threads). I'm currently working hard on learning Photoshop, but am having trouble finding good quality free images. I'm especially interested in model face and body retouching, but I've found that sites like unsplash are great if you're looking for pictures of lakes and mountains, but useless when you want images of people. I want to build up an online portfolio, and I need royalty free images, or perhaps very low cost ones, so I can learn things like frequency separation and all those good things.

Can anyone recommend how I could find good quality images?
Thank you - do you think I could use those pictures on a portfolio without permission (does that count as 'non-commercial') or should I seek permission first. I only want to add them to a website portfolio to showcase my skills (when I've had enough chance to practice). Thanks in advance. Mind you, the women there are all pretty perfect to begin with!
the rules of this forum says
2A. Permission to use said image on another site or elsewhere requires permission from the copyright holder; it is not automatic.