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Free threedee


C'mon all ye poor artists who gave their last tuppence to SithLord William "Bill" of the Gates to buy their copy of Wind Hows.

Dr Stuart Ferguson designed a very good 3D package that was sold a few years ago for some $1000. He got fed up with the DarkEmpire of commercialism and changed it to GNU, OpenSource which means in ordinary speak for us, lesser animals, that it is now for FREE (stop yelling, my ears hurt!)

Unfortunately, there is no copy for the mac...

The others can take Translove Airways to:

to download the zipped file of...44 MB. I took the upper ftp and it went swoosh. (but I have a cable modem)

Still: it is free and good designers I know call it a very good package, and very complete (radiosity, animation, explosions, etc etc)