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Gather Photoshop Windows


New Member
Hello all,

Is there an easy way to gather all windows when using photoshop on a new display?

I have a Wacom display, and a much larger desktop monitor. The Wacom is great, but it's smaller, and if I don't really need to use a pen, I'll bring the application to the larger monitor and use the mouse as it's a faster process.

The annoying part is whenever I open a filter, color window, effect etc. the window opens up in the last location it was used. I'll often think photoshop is lagging, but if I look at the other monitor, I'll see the window just sitting there. Obviously not the end of the world, but when I move photoshop to a different display, I would love to hit a button or keyboard shortcut to also gather all the windows there as well.

Hopefully someone has an answer to this!

Thank you!