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g'day mate...

from rural australia...

long time member of the adobe forums, but over the last year or so they (the actual boards) have given me nothing but trouble - from simply logging in through to just opening blank page. i have adobe id, various browsers, various computers, etc.,. seems they just can't operate a forum, or maybe my being upside down confuses them - it does me sometimes ;-)


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Hi and welcome to PSG.
Being slow is a known problem on the Adobe forum.
We hope you'll find what you need here.


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Hello and welcome to PSG.

Being upside down is not a problem for this forum. We can just invert things if we run into issues.

Sorry to hear about Adobe forums, they have been a valuable source for technical issues for me in the past.
great, won't have to turn my screen upside-down to read posts from the northern hemisphere...

i found adobe forums a great source of help and information too. pity they're so technically 'unreliable'. anyway, i'm here now so we'll see how we go ;-)