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Read This First [General Photoshop] Section Guidelines

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Forum Posting Guidelines for This Section

This section is for posting anything related to Adobe Photoshop. You can ask questions about how to do something in Photoshop, or about using Photoshop features. This is also the place for general comments about Photoshop.

If you are posting a question or asking for help, please be as specific as possible and try to include an example image if applicable. Upload images directly to your request thread if possible. Please do not link to off forum image hosting. You may use an offsite image host if the image is to large for the forums maximum upload limit and uploading is not possible.

The Photoshop Gurus community has a lot of knowledgeable members who can help you, please try to make it easy for them.

While many members are more than happy to help with your Photoshop and related questions, please try to come back and say 'thank you' if your thread has been replied to. Remember, these guys are taking their time to help you. It's not a lot to ask in return for the expertise that is being shared, but it makes a big difference to some of the people that help out in these forums.

Also remember that not all questions may be answered. Please refrain from bumping posts.

We ask that you don't offer monetary compensation in any form, including "tips", before and after any help, advice, or information has been provided by forum members. The General Photoshop Board is a free help forum and no payment, even if framed as a "tip", should be solicited, offered, or accepted.

This is not the place to post questions about how to use this web site or for comments about Photoshop Gurus forum features, please post them in the Forum Assistance and Information section.

The above rules apply to this section of the forum only, general Site Rules can be found here.
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