GIMP SubForum?


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I know this is photoshop forum, for photoshop users, but, I've noticed, there is an "Other Graphic Design and Media Programs" forum
and I think a nice little addition to that would be a GIMP subforum?

That way if GIMP users come along there, is a dedicated area for them to post in and ask questions ;)

what say you?


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Dunno how many members here are proficient enough in GIMP . I'm not coz I never used it.

But if your willing to give time to lend a helping hand in that section, why not?

No guarantees.... but I'll bring this up with the Staff.
hm don't know either, i don't use gimp.
but perhaps, people would be able to compare and maybe even pickup a copy of PS :)


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the GIMP sub-forum would be used more by those who cannot afford PS, as GIMP is free, and it's relatively handy, I'm happy to lend a hand where I can, whether other people explore GIMP and get to know it in order to give a hand is up to them.