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Greyed out print for tiff.


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Hi, I have tiff. files on my desktop that I open in Photoshop, if I wish to print them I go to 'file' and print. This particular photograph is three photos on the same 19 x 13 inch A3 board, when I go to file to print the print command is greyed out. What is going on? Does anyone know. When I choose another tiff. file and goto file and print the print command is live. Does anyone understand what is happening? The photo in Photoshop is one layer only.
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Hi @bibby
I have not seen that before and think of one possibility and maybe other forum members have a better idea.
When you open a PDF file in Photoshop, it does not open directly. It first goes to the "Import PDF panel/dialog where you get to choose which page to import from the PDF and the dimensions of the PS image you want for the PDF file.
If you have not completed those steps on the Import PDF panel then most of the options under "File" will be grayed out.
No clue if this is your issue.
It would help to either have a screen shot of what you see in PS or share the PDF file and a file sharing site to see if other members can see the same issue. Note that it would be good to also share the version of PS your are using as well as the version of OS you are using as well to help forum members debug your problem

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My hunch is it's not a Photoshop problem but a printer problem. When I say "problem", I mean that the printer is objecting to something in the formatting of the print.
If you can, when you get to the print screen where the print button is grayed out, please take a screen shot.
Wouldn't hurt to also supply a copy of the tiff file if it's not too large.
BTW - have you tried opeong the tiff, saving the file as a jpg, and then and print it out?
Look forward to hearing from you and seeing if we can solve the issue.
- Jeff