Guess the 'star'.


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No real winners just those who take part really (bit of fun).

Just convert your fav or most hated into something new.

This is a old one i did a while ago, not perfect it does not matter, it's the having a go that counts with this one.

guess-the-star.jpg :mrgreen:
I see Linda Blair in The Exorcist movie, from the 70's ...... Just a thought I have no idea whodat is lol
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It could be anyone, People could be guessing until the horses come home. A hint would be help perhaps a facial feature to pull out of that render


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I was so sure it was Hillary Swank.

What nationality is he Paul? Movie? TV? Sports?

Without some hints, this could take awhile!
I must've missed that part.....but I will when I'm near comp........ Next time give a harder hint LMAO
Okay here's a quickie and the only hint I'll give is......... Born with the first name "Samuel"
second name will give it away, so thats a no no lol
( there is a hint hidden somewhere though, within the file :mrgreen:) View attachment 26897 should be easy for the older crowd