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Guidelines for Filling Requests (Designers please read)

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Note to All PSG Members filling requests and helping in this forum:
  • These requests provide an opportunity to practice your Photoshop abilities, feel free to try them at any skill level.
  • Try to perform the edit as requested.
  • One edit per request. You can make adjustments to your edit, but you should only create one edit per request.
  • You may use/add to/remix another person's work that has already been submitted for a free Photoshop request, unless otherwise specified by the poster. Please consider giving them credit/attribution if you use their work.
  • If you do not wish to allow other users to use your work, you may opt out by stating that you do not want your work re-used when you post it. By default, any work submitted in the free edit forum is considered fair use for additional edits, changes, remixes etc.
  • Constructive criticism of any edit is allowed.
  • If a request is posted, it is your choice if you want to participate or not. Negative comments about free work or troll posting in request threads will not be tolerated.
  • Asking for or receiving money to do free requests is not permitted.
  • Do not post watermarked edits. Either choose to do the edit for free or not at all.
  • If you see a request that is against forum rules, please use the report button to alert staff.
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