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Gym effect / gym edit .

hey guys i saaw this picture edit online on google .


i am sure this is not a one step effect , can somebody tell me if there is a any tutorial on creating such a effect or what such an effect is called ?

Thanks .

At the risk of stating the obvious, one must start with an appropriate, high quality, well lit photo. No (reasonable) amount of post processing of the selfie someone takes at the gym with their cell phone is likely to yield something like this.

Tom M
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@Hoogle , Whoooooaa , how did you get soo much silver in it ??

did you like turn shadows all the way up ??

psd.png psd.png

i mean i am doing this effect through Image > shadows and heighlights , thats what i saw in a tutorial ! :)
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Sometimes to get get more colour you have to remove colour !!!

Just messing with the riddles I desaturated the image and recoloured it

original picture .


am i doing the removing the color effect correctly ??

after i do this if i try the shadows and heighlights , i don't really get the strong silver and strong red that you get ? did you kind of use the pen tool and or something ?
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