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Has anyone preordered Mac Pro


SO just out of interest I was just on the mac site looking at the preorders and configuration of the new Mac Pro I am very tempted even though you wont get much change from $5000 even if you go basic models by the time you add the monitors etc.

I have been told their are super secret promotion codes out there where the first few people can preorder using them for 10% of the actual price once the first 50 are used it goes upto 20% after 100 30% and so on but cant find any more on it or a code. So if you get emails from apple look for something that may just be a code something you may miss at the bottom of the email etc no one knows where they are, they may even be on tv adverts and billboards etc. Or it may just be a hoax.

But eitherway orders are being accepted now for dispatch in March


Probably will be cheaper in America so have a play with the customisation and share the prices