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Hello from Back At It


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Have used photoshop for quite awhile and even still have my disk if that says anything. Started out with MS Image Composer and migrated to Paint Shop Pro (former PSPUG), and boy am I dating myself. But when PSP transitioned over I decided was going to try something that might actually stick around. So I did a demo and bought my first PS program. Started out doing website templates and themes, moving on to photo transitions. Now I mostly use it for 3D image layering and Crafts. Actually found this site by looking for a ribbon layer in psd format and at first thought this was a newer psp group, sorry. Got me here though and look forward to contributing and learning.

Thanks for the inviting forum!
I would love to learn more from your experience in this 3D universe which I have not yet dabbled into.

Welcome to the forum.
Thank you!
I still use the 3D workspace to do avatar skins/tattoos. With modeling it certainly helps with aligning templates up seamlessly.