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Hello to you all, I have a question.

Hi i'm a concept artist I work mostly with illustration and paintings but I have a little bit of a challenge, I have this task for an ad in which I have to transform an aerial view of a city into a different shape, for example let's say the streets and architecture, trees, etc they all have to form a "W" letter into the picture, I've tried to straight paint over the pic but it doesn't look that good, I rather use everything on the pic so it looks more realistic, I've also tried the clone stamp tool over the shape but it looks confusing, I'm kinda lost, can somebody help me approach this task? I've attached the type of picture I'm working on.

If I'm understanding what you are asking, then I think a Clipping Mask will do the job. You will need to create some text of the letter W or draw a shape of a W. You then will have your landscape image in a separate layer above the W layer. If you create a clipping mask, then your landscape layer will only be visible within the boundary of the W. The attached video explains it.



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i would use shadows to create streets that form a W. (not sure is that is what you wanted)

here is the result : ghhj.jpg

it is not very clear since there are LOTS of other streets tho

maybe the clone stamp could erase unnecesary streets