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Help solving an enigma


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First of all, thanks to IamSam for pointing me to the right section of the forum.

Well, I am trying trying a fun challenge of enigmas and I came across a particularly annoying one that demands some very high photo manipulating skills. The source image is attached.

So, I've understood that this is the facebook messenger logo and that hidden within it is a facebook messenger code that will probably take me to a chat with a bot that will give me the answer, if scanned with the messenger app. I've inverted the colors and played with curves and levels and got only a shadow of what it was supposed to be. Also, apparently there is a piece of the code distorted around the lightining in the middle as well, and I can't seem to distort it correctly back into a circle:

facebook QR1.jpg

This is a generic facebook messenger qr code, by the way:

1 cVcFqEKNWNWwa3dWqQcZ3w.jpeg

So, can someone help me with this? I need to know if there is a better way of making the codebars appear instead of levels/curves in order for me to be able to recompile the bars and also how could I distort the code around the lightning back into a circle. I need the help of the photoshop gurus for this one!

I know it is possible because some people already passed this challenge, I just can't seem to recompile the original code with my limited skills. Thanks everyone!



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Can you please link us to any site where this matter is being discussed? In other words, where is it that makes you think there is a hidden code in the logo?