help to anyone who has time.

Last week I posted a thread needing help on my picture. Tioga helped me out and they all looked nice. now I'm thinking if its possible to make it more realistic.

Here is the link to the thread:


I don't feel like posting anymore due to some people might take over my thread again. I'll try ruffinati's suggestion. And what is the limitation on free trial?
If only I have PS i would never come to this place. Sadly, I can't afford one.

You can either download the 30 day demo for photoshop that I linked above or give GIMP a try. It is completely free and does most of the things that photoshop does.

Alternatively, you can purchase photoshop elements for about $79 which is what I mainly use.
Thanks anyways, I thought would be another shock site due to its name. I'll try to post my picture here later or some other time
not it's gimp.ORG

it is a very legitimate drawing program which is used by a great many people. it started life in the linux community and has been ported to windows and mac due to its popularity.