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Specific Hi Memorial Bauble Help Please

Hi Everyone first post

Hi. I have a old photo of my grandad who passed away this year
This is one of the only photos i have of him and am looking to get the photo onto a memorial bauble for xmas gifts.

Unfortunately the photo is very dark and not very bright. I was just wondering if anyone could please have a try and see if they could do their best with it

Most appreciated


Is this a scan of an actual photograph? If so, if you could rescan it a higher resolution there is more that can possibly be done with this. This image is quite pixelated.
Hi everyone
iIm really grateful for all your efforts , it really means a lot
I have found a photo which , might be a little bit better quality if anyone can help
Different photo thought just to bring the quality up so it will look good when transferred to the bauble.
The photo is also vertical and not allowing me to get all the photo in as the photo has to be horizontal if anyone can help
Thanks again