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I turned 19 just a few months ago, and I started using Photoshop when I was about 13 years old in some January of 2014. I used it consistently from then to about 2017 for a game that I used to play online. I would make people signatures and (like for forums) and sometimes do bigger edits for events. Ever since the game closed down, I haven't had any reason to really use Photoshop anymore, which is kinda sad. I used it maybe once or twice since the game closed, but other than that, very, very rarely. I also actually recently rebooted my entire computer, and because it's pretty clean except for, like, one game that I play because I'm bored, I have nothing else. I decided to get Photoshop back again, and I thought about joining some community (like a forum, like this!) that I could learn from!

I plan on posting a thread in the Show Your Work since I have previous work, tons that I'm proud of too, but I also wanted advice. My life is in a pretty tight and typically stressful spot, and because I don't have many options for stress relievers, I'm going to try to make that Photoshop. I never felt very good at it because my problem is probably that I'm the biggest thief ever. Starting off at 14, I always just used images from Google left and right to put things together and make stuff. I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to do that--and either way, I don't really like that. I wish I knew how to do things naturally...like some people can make icons and logos from total scratch and not by borrowing a piece of an already made logo or image somewhere. An analogy to kinda compare it: I would much rather learn how to make a cake from scratch than have to rely on a box where the majority of the cake is already made for me. The box cake might taste a little better, but it was barely made by me. It's like the work was barely even mine; someone else did the math behind 1+1=2, and all I did was come in and say, "1+1=2 everyone!"

Anyway, my goal is to try to become more natural at Photoshop, and I really wish I could become good enough for maybe some companies in the real world who'd think I should do stuff for them. It's a tiny dream, but I like it as a hobby I can hopefully improve upon right now. Anyhow, off I go to post some sample work to the aforementioned board. :)