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How Do I Add an Avatar?

Please don't flame me, but I am new and I would like to add an avatar but do not know how. Could someone please help me? Thanks in advance.
No flames, DigitalDarkroom! :D

Click on the "user cp" button at the top of this screen and then go to the tab marked "edit options". At the bottom of that screen you'll see "Other Options". This is where you can add your avatar!

Look forward to seeing yours! :perfect:
Thanks for not flaming. When I get home I will work on my avatar. Of course it won't be as sexy as yours wbiss! I just joined yesterday and someone said I was member #400. That is special, so I think I will do something with that.


  • click on user cp
  • click on Edit Options
  • click on Change Avatar
  • go to the section You can upload an avatar from your computer
  • click on the browse button
  • select you file on your hard drive
  • click on open
  • click Submit Modifications[/list:u]
    The maximum size of the avatar is 75 by 75 pixels and the file size should be kept under 10 KB. If you have any more questions, just let us know.
Hey Gauss... you weren't around when I stumbled across Digital Darkroom's question. I was looking for the post whereby, it seems, that you've patiently given this info out "again & again"...

It leads me to think that it might not be a bad idea for you to post something for future "newbies" which covers a myriad of 'beginner topics' regarding the use of this forum in a post, all byitself. The above, coupled with "view new posts"... etc. etc. if you get my drift,

Just a thought?:)


Rick :rofl: :rofl:

Yes, good ideas guys. I was thinking about that too after posting the instructions on how to add ana Avator for the umpteenth time now :D
;) Makes mungo sense....
Now you've earned your paycheque, Gauss! :rofl: