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How do i make a layer visible under another layer


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Hello and welcome.

You must first turn off the trap layer.
Select the main Poker Table layer.
Make a copy of the main Poker Table layer. Turn the original off.

On the main copy layer, make a selection of one of the stacks of chips.
Hit Cmd/Cntrl + J to copy the selected chips to it's own layer.
Move the new copied chips layer above the trap layer.
Turn the new copied chips layer off.

Go back to the copy of the main Poker Table layer, use the Polygonal Lasso tool to make a selection around all the chips on the table.
Right click within the selection and choose FILL.
Then set the fill dialog box to "content aware", tick on the "color adaptation", set the blending mode to "normal" and the opacity to "100%".
Hit OK
Hit Cmd/Cntrl + D to deselect.
NOTE: You may have to use the Clone Stamp Tool to clean up any oddities left behind by the content aware fill. You might do better just using the Clone Stamp Tool for the whole thing.

Turn on the trap and chips layers and position.

If you supply the PSD file, we can give you visual examples.


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Just to follow up on @IamSam - I already played with this myself - you essentially need 3 layers -
bottom layer - table, no chips or trap
layer above bottom - bear trap
top layer - poker chips

I made a composite using your image and just finding a random stack of chips online - I couldn't rebuild the stack from your image since the trap was already on top of it.
Make sure to add a drop shadow to the trap and chips so they don't look like they're floating on air.

Here's the sample I made (rough composite):

poker table edited.jpg

Here's what the layers look like:

PS layers.JPG

Underneath the trap and chips layers are the drop shadow effects.

Hope the graphics help...follow Sam's manual...

- Jeff