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How to achieve the "fully saturated" look..


New Member
Good morning all - my first post/question - How are people achieving this, for lack of a better word, "fully saturated" gradient look we're seeing these days. Example: Fox News on their overly animated graphic intros, uses various deep blues that have atmospheric hazes and detailed hairline veins. - or another example: digitalvision sells royalty free images such as http://www.veer.com/results.asp?Image=DVP0580020

I've been seeing this effect many places, but my attempts have been amaturish to say the least.

Any ideas?
Hey Richard, welcome aboard.
Hope you enjoy the view here. :)

The effect you're speaking of is a simple one to achieve, although i'm sure that's NOT what you wanted to hear huh? hahaa DOH! [doh]

The specific look of the effect can change drastically in "mood" depending on the context it's used in. I would have to say also though that a lot of those grapgic animations you're seeing on TV are actually done with either a combo of PS and Premiere, or a 3D program.

You CAN "fake" the look easily though, by simply using gradients, and some good ol' gaussian blurring.
Applying the Clouds filter and colourizing it, then duplicating that layer and blurring the clouds, plus changing that layer's Blend Mode to color dodge/overlay/hardlight can all give decent results.

I wish i knew exaclty which images from FOX TV you were thinking of. I like to be more specific whenever i can. But the exact look of this specific effect, at this moment, eludes me.

Can you think of any better examples than the one from that royalty-free image site?
Wow! Quick Reply!

Many thanks for the quick reply... after working with Photoshop since version 1.5 doing retouch work, only now am I getting into more creative constructions.
I'll give your suggestions a try today. Regarding additional examples of the "saturated" look, I'll keep my eyes open for opportunities to be more speciic.

Again... thank you for the quick reply... and more importantly... thank you for the great website.

Hi Richard and welcome to our board :perfect:

I agree with Mark; I would like to see some more examples too. I have some ideas, but still wonder if these are the effects you're looking for.