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How to Change Skin Tones


Hello everyone,

I hope you're doing ok with this current COVID-19 health crisis.

I want to share with you a recent tutorial we produced that will teach you how to change your skin tones in Photoshop. This technique can be used if you want to have someone looks more or less than but it can also apply if you have strange skin tones on your subject that you want to correct.

Here is a quick resume of the different steps:

1) Select the skin tones you want to modify with Select --> "Color Range" tool.
2) Apply a layer mask and refine its edges in order to have a perfect selection.
3) Once you have correctly selected your skin tones you can start making some adjustments.
4) Depending on the modifications you want to do, you'll use a different collection of adjustment layers. But you'll mainly use "Exposure", "Curves" & Hue/saturation".
5) With your adjustment layers active, refine your layer mask in order to have a natural look.

You can repeat the process if you want to select different tones and apply different local adjustments.

Let me know if you have any recommendations we could add to our tutorial or a completely different technique. I would love to know.