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How to create a Hairspray Tracy Face

Hi, I'm trying to create a Tracy face from my own photo modeled after the image in the original poster. (Image below.)

Could someone please guide me through possible key Photoshop steps? (Like what filters to use, etc.)



No, we have our lead actress all made up like Tracy, including a wig and eyelashes. I'd like to have the image be completely of our actress but as similar to the original poster as possible.


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It all starts with a good high resolution image of the actress in proper lighting with a white background.

In Ps, it's just masking, color overlays, blending modes, and some Brush Tool work. Fairly easy............even for a beginner. You just need to do your homework.

If you get stuck, let us know.
Thank you very much!

I had some trouble using Match Color to apply the color from the original image to my photo. But over night (I'm in Japan) it came to me to lighten my actress's hair before doing the color match.
Thanks for your previous help.

So, when I tried to Match Color the hair of our actress with the original image, the new hair came out way too dark. So, it occurred too me that I should adjust the brightness of our actress's hair to match the hair in the original image before trying to Match Color. I'm guessing this should be done in Curves. I'm trying to figure out how. Tracy Hair.jpg
Pinako Hair.jpg Blue Pinako.jpg


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Nice work.

Remember that the wig of the original photo is quite different than that of the one your actress is using. The original wig seems to have had light blonde streaks. I would like to see where you are with the project. Keep us in the loop.
Thanks for your continued interest. I'm also the director/producer, so I'm working on the poster image when I can. Should have an update within the next twelve hours or so.