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How to create Reusable Themed Artwork?


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I am a newbie to Photoshop. Here is my requirement which needs your kind advice.

I want to create several themes for mobile application development from a given background image. By theme I mean buttons, different-sized backgrounds, different text, etc. Currently if I want to create abutton, I mark a portion of the background picture to the required fixed size, convert the selection to a new layer and then apply layer effects. I repeat the same for buttons and backgrounds of various shapes on different regions the same big background image. This way I end up with lot of layers, with each layer representing a button or other artwork that I want to extract. I then use the Export Layers option under Scripts to make each of this layers a button, a background etc. This way I can make themed artifacts based on a wooden theme, metallic theme, red theme, blue theme etc.

Now comes the issue. Creating these layers takes a lot of time. I am wondering if there is an easy way to store the effects applied to the different regions such that if I change my background image, I automatically get all my layer artifacts reflect the new background image. My mind says that there must be an easy and straight-forward way to do this, but am unable to figure it out.